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Friday, August 13, 2010

JavaScript: The Good Parts

Most programming languages contain good and bad parts, but JavaScript has more than its share of the bad, having been developed and released in a hurry before it could be refined. This authoritative book offers a detailed explanation of the features that make JavaScript an outstanding object-oriented programming language, and warns you about the bad parts.
In the process, JavaScript: The Good Parts defines a subset of JavaScript that's more reliable, readable, and maintainable than the language as a whole. Author Douglas Crockford, a member of JavaScript 2.0 committee at ECMA, is considered by many people in the development community to be the JavaScript expert.
A beautiful, elegant, lightweight and highly expressive language lies buried under a steaming pile of good intentions and blunders, he explains. The very good ideas include functions, loose typing, dynamic objects, and an expressive object literal notation. Awful ideas include a programming model based on global variables. With JavaScript: The Good Parts, you can release this elegant programming language from its old shell, and create more maintainable, extensible, and efficient code.
The book's topics include:
* Syntax
* Objects
* Functions
* Inheritance
* Arrays
* Regular expressions
* Methods
* Style
* Beautiful features
Appendices summarize JavaScript's bad parts and awful parts. But the greatest benefit of studying the good parts is that you can avoid the need to unlearn the bad parts. If you want to learn more about the bad parts and how to use them badly, consult any other JavaScript book.
JavaScript is the language of the Web -- the only language found in all browsers -- so avoiding it altogether is not an alternative. But, whether you're managing object libraries or just trying to get Ajax to run fast, Crockford's guidance in JavaScript: The Good Parts will help you create truly effective JavaScript code.

Authors: Douglas Crockford
Pages: 250
Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN13: 9780596517748