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Saturday, December 26, 2009

HTML: A Beginner's Guide, Second Edition

Essential skills for first-time programmers! This easy-to-use book explains the fundamentals of HTML and Web development. The modular approach of this series--including drills, sample projects, and mastery checks--makes it easy to learn to use this powerful programming language at your own pace.

Peel back the Web's opulent exterior and see how HTML makes it all look so great. Author Wendy Willard will help you understand HTML with clear lessons delivered in a proven learning system. In dedicated modules that act as stand-alone lessons, you'll discover how to structure a page, place images, size text, create links, generate Web-safe colors, work with multimedia, and more. Plus--by learning to link to other Web pages and email addresses, create Web graphics and multimedia, incorporate JavaScript, and utilize frames and forms, you'll be ready to tackle most Web development projects on a functional level.

Designed for Easy Learning:

* Modules - Each concept is divided into logically organized modules (chapters), ideal for self-paced learning
* Critical Skills - Each module opens with the specific skills covered in the module
* Mastery Checks - End-of-module reviews test knowledge using short-answer, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank questions
* Ask the Experts - Q&A sections throughout are filled with bonus information and helpful tips
* Progress Checks - Quick self-assessment sections check your progress
* Projects - Practical exercises show how to apply the critical skills learned in each module
* Annotated Syntax - Example code annotated with commentary describes the programming techniques being illustrated

HTML: A Beginner